Soothe Your Puffiness Of Eyes Instantly With Moist Heat Microwave Eye Mask



 Have you ever felt a headache or sore neck from sleeping on one side? Well, there is an easy solution. Moist heat microwave-activated double-sided cloth eye mask. These eye masks will allow you to control your pain naturally and comfortably while getting a peaceful night’s sleep.


 They heat up before they go into your eyes, giving you the feeling of being cooled as they absorb the heat radiating off your head, neck, shoulders, and other parts of your body causing this discomfort. This leads to enhanced blood circulation which stimulates brain activity.


 If you’re having some problems sleeping, or want to stay awake while driving, an eye mask can be of great help. You can even create a moist heat or cold compress with maximum comfort. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes. In this article, I will show you how to do it.


The moist heat therapy eye mask is a great product for anyone with eyelids that feel tight, sore, or tired. The design of the eye mask helps to make this treatment more comfortable. The digital display shows you how much time you have left to sleep before it shuts off. This feature makes it easy to use and convenient for your daily routine.


The moist heat eye mask is a special kind of microwave heat that can be used for the purpose of making moist heat in the eyes, helping the muscles relax. The moistness helps the heat penetrate through to the muscles, and improves blood circulation around the eyes. This product works well for muscle pain, headaches, and tiredness.


 Now you can create a hot compress or a cooling ice pack with maximum comfort using your eyes. Moist Heat Microwave Activated Eye Masks are designed to treat common colds, eye infections, and many other eye problems. The mask blocks out noise and protects your eyes from glare or harmful UV rays with 100% cotton material. This amazing product also comes with a quiet timer for easy usage and fast recovery.


Thanks to the Moist Heat Microwave Activated Ear Masks, you can relieve dry eyes, nose, and sinuses. The soft, flexible plastic material is comfortable and forms a custom fit for your face. The moist heat technology provides superior comfort during any treatment. Highly elastic ear cushions form around your ears for a secure, comfortable fit.


To heat, it just put in the microwave for 20 seconds, and to cool it simply place it in the freezer for at least 1 hour or store it in the refrigerator.  For best results connect the eyes-masks in pairs or individuals.  It will help your baby relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of warm heat therapy on their faces.


 Both are hand washable; it is easy to clean between uses. This skin-tight mask will fit any face and allows you to breathe easily. There is no need for eye goggles or special glasses because the mask fits snugly over your eyes, so there are no distractions while wearing it.


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