The Ways to Support our Family

s a child, as a teen, as a youth, I always used to ponder how can I support my Family, My Father, My Mother, and all my elders to reduce their worries and tensions. I thought Earning is the only way to support them but by a chance, I read a quote that said, “ Family is the Support you will never have to pay for because come rain or shine, they will be there to cheer you on with every of your life goals.”

These words made me realize that a child, can help parents in many ways just we need an intention to do it. The ways I discovered of doing so, are very simple as well as mentioned below:

  1. Take Care of your Parents: Parents are the pillars of Family and they toil very hard to make wishes come true. Belonging to a middle-class family, one can understand the challenges they face while fulfilling the never-ending list of our Demands and requirements, they just work and toil for hours without thinking about themselves, just with the desire to see that Big happy face of their Child’s face and feel the bliss. So, on our part, we can also take this as a responsibility to take care of parents, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Mental Care: In today’s era, the parents are worried and tense due to workload and different societal pressures, but in middle, you can make them smile with your Innocence, Mischievous tricks, playful smiles, and a bit caring gestures like asking them as a friend, How are they? What is troubling them? How can you help them? and can wind up the conversion by decorating it with some jokes.

Be light while the exchange of words tries to make them forget their worries by taking them into your realm of Happiness, bundled with bliss and blessings.

Emotional Care: Parents are emotionally dependent on their children, and even one wrong deed from our side can hurt them badly, tough as a parent they can forgive us always but somewhere we will the ones who will carry the nails that can hurt them in the future. So, the solution is that as an individual we do have our wills and freedom but remember that your freedom is not causing mental pressure to your Parents. For instance, come home early they wait for you, but as not to put any restrictions they don’t say a word. Try to understand the hidden message in their silence, it speaks a lot.

Physical Care: Parents always guide their children to exercise, work out physically but often they skip the same, so while going outdoor remember to play some games with your parents that can help them to maintain their physique and Health. Like, we can play badminton with our parents or make them play in pairs, we can enjoy long morning or night walks with them by adding some flavor of enjoyment, friendliness, and the essence of love. Sharing our funny moments, listening to them. This would not only Strengthen their Health but also would make them Emotionally secure and assure that their child is on the right track in Life.

2. Take Responsibilities:

Yeah, actually you should prepare yourself to take on some responsibilities, which can be defined in two simple categories.

Take your own Actions: You can start with some simple tasks like making your bed your bed after you wake up in the morning, wash and doing your clothes, keeping your room and surroundings neat and tidy, waking up on your own by setting an Alarm, maintain your routine care, do your studies properly and such many more little things can assure your parents that my child is now Self-reliant and will assure them about your right growth and grooming. They will surely be proud to see you doing all this stuff on your own without any trigger and stimulus from behind.

Help your Parents in their Actions: These actions will help them to rely on you for reducing their workload. Yeah, there is a piece of bonus advice for you all, this will help you to ask for your desired gifts & wishes and they would be fulfilled for sure. In this step, you can help your Mumma in Household Supplies and Cleaningshe will be glad to see you doing this, you can also help her in kitchen or gardening work that will help her a lot. Now, coming to Father, he just needs a good tea and a head massage to feel enlightened, even you can sit with him discussing his business insights, this will induce him with the feeling of pride towards you, as now his little champ is growing up 🙂

3. Don’t Run After World: Today the most common problem we all face is that we run after the ones who are just part of our lives and ignore the ones who actually make our lives. We often fight with them for the World but they leave for us in this World, not the difference. Analyze yourself and if you are doing so just stop it because we are their World and they would never leave us but we don’t possess the right to take undue advantage of this blessing in our life. Social Media, Online Websites, sites like eBay are just for enriching our lives and not our lives actually.

Wake up before it’s too late. Life is too short to regret, rather just start making things right, even if it was hard yesterday, you can determine to make it easy today, and can make it bright tomorrow. Guys, Parents are the Most Precious, Valuable, and Irreplaceable Treasure in this World, hold it wisely and handle it with care.

Parents are the God on this Earth, if you have them you are the happiest person in this World Believe me.

Happy Life and Take Care of Your Treasure, Keep Reading & Keep Supporting:)

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