Most Important Factors in Life

Many of us are thrown by social status, materialistic objects, and comforts in today’s digital environment – and who can blame us? With altered Instagram photographs and reality TV shows spotlighting the privileged, we are continuously told that the idea of perfection includes these items. Status, designer goods, and pricey objects, in truth, are worthless; they will not make you happy or healthy. So, no matter where you are on the globe, the following should be at the top of your priority list.

  • Physical Well-Being

Being healthy is the most important aspect of our lives; without it, we risk having our lives cut short. That said, it’s critical not to take our health for granted and to provide our bodies with the nutrients they require through a well-balanced diet and frequent physical activity. Get the required supplements from free Shopify alternatives.

  • Family

While you may disagree with and irritate your family at times, they are your unit and the people you can turn to in times of joy and grief. Your family will always be there to guide and support you, as well as to help you learn and grow as a person, no matter what you go through with them.

  • Friendships

Friends, like family, are an important part of our lives and happiness. They are people with whom you may share the highlights of your life and who will act as a confidant when you need to discuss personal matters. While true friends are hard to come by, most people will have a small group of reliable pals. Even if you outgrow specific friends at different times in your life, you will have the opportunity to develop new connections with people you meet along the way.

  • Wellness

It’s important to have a healthy mind in addition to a healthy body! Fortunately, we live in a time where mental health is a priority, and people who suffer from mental health illnesses are receiving the therapy and care they require to live a happy life. However, there are several strategies to enhance your well-being. Find relaxing hobbies, whether it’s daily meditation, listening to a motivating podcast, or simply going for a stroll to collect your thoughts. Whatever approach you use, be sure that your health is at the forefront of everything you do.

  • Education

A solid education will assist you in moving forward in life. This does not imply that you must obtain higher education in order to be successful. It simply means that you should keep learning new things on a daily basis. It’s totally up to you how you learn – you may watch an educational video, documentary, or film; read a book; or listen to the news. What matters is the information you learn from your education and how you use it in your daily life.

  • Time

In life, the capacity to appreciate time is extremely important. Time is valuable and should be utilized as much as possible. We can form good habits and structure our daily activities when we have a better understanding of time. We may accomplish activities that will help us advance, as well as set aside time for family, friends, and interests.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you’re more aware of the variables that truly matter in our lives, you could have a fresh perspective on what’s essential and spend less time worrying about trivial concerns.

Techniques for Improving Your Writing

Everyone writes. Even more so if you’re a writer. I, too, am a writer who strives to improve the quality of my work. You won’t become Wordsworth overnight, but you may take tiny steps in the right direction. Baby steps are still important. There are a number of factors to consider while writing. “The consumer should not expect overnight benefits,” the shampoo packaging warns. To see noticeable results, you must be consistent and patient.”

  • Make it clear what you want to achieve.

Each piece of writing has a certain purpose. Ask yourself what you want to say every time you sit down to write. Start with the following step once you’ve sorted it out.

  • Organize your thoughts.

It’s only natural that when we establish a goal, we write it down right away. So, instead of writing it down in your manuscript, write it down in a charming little notebook. Put things in the most logical arrangement possible, and then let your imagination go wild.

  • Accept the situation as it is.

There’s no stopping you now that you’ve unleashed the beast, and you shouldn’t either. Before it decides to run, write everything down. Writing is an art form, and artists are untidy. Later, you’ll have time to tidy up.

  • It’s all right, take a rest.

We are only human, therefore we may not always be in the ‘flow.’ Don’t push yourself after you’ve arrived. Take a break, maybe talk to the pigeons, then come back to your work with fresh eyes.

  • Remember to tidy up after yourself.

It’s natural for your monster to make mistakes throughout all of his killing moves. After the basic spelling and grammatical check, take a breather. Return to the pigeons and put your favourite creative monster to rest. After that, you’re free to go back and revise your writing with fresh eyes. You won’t feel awful about deleting that worthless phrase you used to like the most.

  • Write Every Day

You must practise writing every day if you want to enhance your writing abilities and become an excellent writer. You may write about anything, from fashion advice to vacation advice. It allows you to obtain additional writing experience. This can aid in the development of your writing portfolio. You may also post on social media.

  • Shorten your sentences and paragraphs.

When writing, the most important thing to remember is to keep paragraphs brief. It encourages the reader to read the text with more enthusiasm. While reading your content, they will not be bored.

Last but not least, attempt to incorporate related material photos. Now, I’m not a superhuman with superhuman writing abilities. However, I can confidently state that these can be beneficial. It continues to assist me.

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Everything You Should Know About Fish Oil

Fish oil can be received via consuming fish or taking dietary supplements. Fish that are specifically wealthy within the beneficial oils known as omega-three fatty acids include mackerel, herring, tuna, and salmon. Two of the most vital omega-three fatty acids contained in fish oil are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids have additionally been studied in a wide style of other situations together with clinical depression, tension, cancer, and macular degeneration, yet their advantage in these situations has also not been verified.

The fishes used in production don’t produce omega-three fatty acids, but as an alternative gather them by way of consuming both microalgae or prey fish that have accumulated omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty predatory fish like sharks, swordfish, tilefish, and albacore tuna may be high in omega-3 fatty acids, however, due to their position on the pinnacle of the meals chain, these species might also acquire toxic materials thru biomagnification. For this cause, American Environmental Protection Agency recommends limiting intake (in particular for ladies of childbearing age) of sure (predatory) fish species (e.G. Albacore tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, and swordfish) because of high levels of the poisonous contaminant mercury. Dioxins, PCBs, and chlordane, as well as other chlorinated cyclodiene pesticides, are also gifted. Fish is rich in protein and different vitamins aquaculture feeds. More than 50 percent of the arena’s fish oil used in aquaculture feed is fed to farmed salmon.

The diverse species range from lean to fatty and their oil content inside the tissues has been proven to differ from 0.7% to 15.5%. They additionally differ in their effects on organ lipids. Studies have discovered that there may be no relation between general fish intake or anticipated omega−3 fatty acid intake from all fish, and serum omega−three fatty acid concentrations. Only fatty fish intake, in particular salmonid, and anticipated EPA + DHA consumption from fatty fish has been discovered to be significantly associated with an increase in serum EPA + DHA. Fish Oil can be found at any supplements or Pharmacy store and is also available online and does not require a prescription.


Fish oils Often marketed and offered as a part of the weight loss program, bodybuilding, or in dietary dietary supplements in modern-day societies, fish oils also have discovered roles in external use, as emollients or as preferred ointments in addition to in-frame art, or for alleged insulation against bloodless temperatures.

Nutritional Details

The maximum broadly to be had a dietary source of EPA and DHA is bloodless-water oily fish, together with salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, and sardines. Oils from these fish have a profile of around seven times as a whole lot omega-3 oils as omega-6 oils. Other oily fish, inclusive of tuna, additionally comprise omega-three in quite lesser amounts. Though fish is a dietary supply of omega3 fatty oils, fish do not synthesize them; they attain them from the algae (microalgae especially) or plankton in their diets.

Health Effects

In 2009 A letter on a pending revision to the Dietary Guides for Americans, the American Heart Association encouraged 250–500 mg per day of EPA and DHA. The Guidelines have been revised again for 2015–2020; protected is a recommendation that adults consume at least 8 ounces of diffusion of styles of fish in step with week, equating to a minimum 250 mg/day of EPA + DHA. The Food and Drug Administration recommends no longer exceeding three grams in step with a day of EPA + DHA from all assets, and not using an extra than 2 grams in keeping with day from dietary supplements.

Quality and Concerns

Fish oil is a commonly used dietary supplement, with sales inside the U.S. Alone reaching $976 million in 2009. Problems of great have been diagnosed in periodic assessments with the aid of impartial researchers of advertised dietary supplements containing fish oil and other marine oils. These troubles encompass infection, a faulty list of EPA and DHA stages, spoilage, and method problems.

Serious Problems

A 2013 study States that the potential for unfavorable occasions among older adults taking fish oil “appear slight–slight at worst and are not going to be of scientific significance”.

Consumers of oily fish should be aware of the potential presence of heavy metals and fats-soluble pollution like PCBs and dioxins, which are recognized to accumulate up the food chain. After a full-size overview, researchers from Harvard’s School of Public Health in the Journal of the American Medical Association (2006) stated that the blessings of fish intake generally ways outweigh the potential risks.

Fish oil supplements got here under scrutiny in 2006, while the Food Standards Agency inside the UK and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland stated PCB ranges that passed the European maximum limits in several fish oil manufacturers, which required temporary withdrawal of these brands. To address the concern over contaminated fish oil dietary supplements, the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Program, 3rd-celebration testing, and accreditation program for fish oil products turned into created with the aid of Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. In Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

A report via the Harvard Medical School studied 5 famous brands of fish oil, which include Nordic Ultimate, Kirkland, and CVS. They found that the manufacturers had “negligible amounts of mercury, suggesting both that mercury is eliminated in the course of the producing of purified fish oil or that the fish resources utilized in those commercial preparations are highly mercury-loose”.

Microalgae oil is a vegetarian opportunity to fish oil. Supplements comprised of microalgae oil provide stability of omega-three fatty acids much like fish oil, with a decreased chance of pollutant exposure. Get them from sites like eBay.

The Ten Best Reasons to Advertise in Magazines

Local periodicals keep us informed about what’s going on in our neighborhood. They’re eccentric, intriguing, and a great source of information. They are the ideal niche publication for advertising. This is why:

1. This is your intended audience.

If your company is local, a local magazine is an excellent way to reach out to potential clients. They are engaged in and involved in their community, so you will pique their attention. Readers are likely to prefer buying from local businesses since they are appreciative of where they reside.

2. Something That People do with their Free Time

On the internet and social media, there’s a lot to keep our attention, but sitting down with a warm beverage and a magazine is a different experience. We’ve set aside some time to be calm and relaxed. There is no competition; we will simply look at what we are interested in, which is a fantastic chance for advertisers.

3. Attractiveness

There’s a lot of press traffic out there, and we have to learn how to filter it out. There are just so many pages in a magazine, and each page contains only a few adverts. Your local adverts will be more recognizable than their internet counterparts, and you will have a considerably better chance of being spotted.

4. The Readers’ Trust

Many people are wary of engaging in online activities due to fake news and criminality. Readers, on the other hand, believe their local magazine as a resource of local news, therefore they are more inclined to trust you as well. Making a phone call or sending an email poses relatively little risk to them.

5. Chances to be Noticed

While the internet and social media are ‘of the moment,’ your local magazine will last. It could sit on a coffee table, at an office, or in a café for a month before the next edition is released. It’s possible that it’ll be shared with relatives and friends. This means that your advertisement will be seen multiple times.

6. The Advantages of a Spin-off Brand

Your local publication will be well-known for its high level of interest and authority. People will believe what they see, and as a result, your brand will profit.

7. The Ability to Endure

People recognize the significance of your local publication because it has most likely been there for a long time. If you commit to a long-term advertising effort, you can gradually increase your brand recognition.

8. Additional Possibilities

Your local publication will have a strong distribution system. If you want to add a coupon or flier to your advertising, you may rest assured that it will reach you securely. When your extra promotional material arrives with a trusted local publication, it is far more likely to be read.

9. The Power of a Brand

Take advantage of this chance to build consistency across all of your channels, ensuring that people see the same messages and imagery no matter where they interact with you. In a printed magazine, you’ll reach new audiences and establish yourself as a well-known local business.

10. Measurability

You know exactly when and where your advertisement will appear, allowing you to track the reaction. Make your call to action as specific as possible, and you’ll be able to tell how efficient your advertisement was.

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The Ways to Support our Family

s a child, as a teen, as a youth, I always used to ponder how can I support my Family, My Father, My Mother, and all my elders to reduce their worries and tensions. I thought Earning is the only way to support them but by a chance, I read a quote that said, “ Family is the Support you will never have to pay for because come rain or shine, they will be there to cheer you on with every of your life goals.”

These words made me realize that a child, can help parents in many ways just we need an intention to do it. The ways I discovered of doing so, are very simple as well as mentioned below:

  1. Take Care of your Parents: Parents are the pillars of Family and they toil very hard to make wishes come true. Belonging to a middle-class family, one can understand the challenges they face while fulfilling the never-ending list of our Demands and requirements, they just work and toil for hours without thinking about themselves, just with the desire to see that Big happy face of their Child’s face and feel the bliss. So, on our part, we can also take this as a responsibility to take care of parents, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Mental Care: In today’s era, the parents are worried and tense due to workload and different societal pressures, but in middle, you can make them smile with your Innocence, Mischievous tricks, playful smiles, and a bit caring gestures like asking them as a friend, How are they? What is troubling them? How can you help them? and can wind up the conversion by decorating it with some jokes.

Be light while the exchange of words tries to make them forget their worries by taking them into your realm of Happiness, bundled with bliss and blessings.

Emotional Care: Parents are emotionally dependent on their children, and even one wrong deed from our side can hurt them badly, tough as a parent they can forgive us always but somewhere we will the ones who will carry the nails that can hurt them in the future. So, the solution is that as an individual we do have our wills and freedom but remember that your freedom is not causing mental pressure to your Parents. For instance, come home early they wait for you, but as not to put any restrictions they don’t say a word. Try to understand the hidden message in their silence, it speaks a lot.

Physical Care: Parents always guide their children to exercise, work out physically but often they skip the same, so while going outdoor remember to play some games with your parents that can help them to maintain their physique and Health. Like, we can play badminton with our parents or make them play in pairs, we can enjoy long morning or night walks with them by adding some flavor of enjoyment, friendliness, and the essence of love. Sharing our funny moments, listening to them. This would not only Strengthen their Health but also would make them Emotionally secure and assure that their child is on the right track in Life.

2. Take Responsibilities:

Yeah, actually you should prepare yourself to take on some responsibilities, which can be defined in two simple categories.

Take your own Actions: You can start with some simple tasks like making your bed your bed after you wake up in the morning, wash and doing your clothes, keeping your room and surroundings neat and tidy, waking up on your own by setting an Alarm, maintain your routine care, do your studies properly and such many more little things can assure your parents that my child is now Self-reliant and will assure them about your right growth and grooming. They will surely be proud to see you doing all this stuff on your own without any trigger and stimulus from behind.

Help your Parents in their Actions: These actions will help them to rely on you for reducing their workload. Yeah, there is a piece of bonus advice for you all, this will help you to ask for your desired gifts & wishes and they would be fulfilled for sure. In this step, you can help your Mumma in Household Supplies and Cleaningshe will be glad to see you doing this, you can also help her in kitchen or gardening work that will help her a lot. Now, coming to Father, he just needs a good tea and a head massage to feel enlightened, even you can sit with him discussing his business insights, this will induce him with the feeling of pride towards you, as now his little champ is growing up 🙂

3. Don’t Run After World: Today the most common problem we all face is that we run after the ones who are just part of our lives and ignore the ones who actually make our lives. We often fight with them for the World but they leave for us in this World, not the difference. Analyze yourself and if you are doing so just stop it because we are their World and they would never leave us but we don’t possess the right to take undue advantage of this blessing in our life. Social Media, Online Websites, sites like eBay are just for enriching our lives and not our lives actually.

Wake up before it’s too late. Life is too short to regret, rather just start making things right, even if it was hard yesterday, you can determine to make it easy today, and can make it bright tomorrow. Guys, Parents are the Most Precious, Valuable, and Irreplaceable Treasure in this World, hold it wisely and handle it with care.

Parents are the God on this Earth, if you have them you are the happiest person in this World Believe me.

Happy Life and Take Care of Your Treasure, Keep Reading & Keep Supporting:)

Books: The Source of Willpower & Determination

Success comes to those, who dare to fight back with determination and can stand up with Willpower after every Failure. Most often Willpower and Determination are taken synonymously but they are the players of the same team, wherein the absence of one the other slacks. When played well, these players help to bag Great Successes, which even inspires the Generations to come with the help of Books and Great Literature.

The Great Valiant of Indian History, the Ideal personalities who still inspire the ages had undying Determination and Willpower. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Swami Vivekananda, Jhansi Ki Rani: Laxmibai, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukdev, Chandrashekhar Azad have demonstrated exemplary Determination and Willpower while fighting for the Indian Freedom Struggle. The Best way to inculcate these qualities in you is to read books because books are possessing the power to mold simple humans into SuperHuman. When we reflect back on the lives of these Great Warriors we discover that they instilled the knowledge and wisdom from books and more significantly from the Mythological Books.

Neither we have the eye-witnesses nor we have the live capturing of that proud moments but we have the treasure of writings, that make us feel the essence of struggle we had. Books have ever been, they were before technological interventions and they are of immense value even in this World of Technology. Books are the immortal treasure that possesses the power of Transformations, Drastic Reforms, and Changes. Therefore, books are the way to communicate with the past, present, and future. In this Transforming Era, one should constantly read Books & Magazines where they can empower an individual to fight every modern battle by learning from the past techniques and methodologies and framing the New World.

Success and Books Correlation

The Most Successful Persona always dedicates their hours in reading which marks their way ahead to Successful Life. Tough the times are changing but the minds still need the foundations and base to survive in this World, and books lay that foundation in Life. In this changing lifestyle, one can opt for the Audiobooks, with plugged earphones while having a morning walk, isn’t this a Good Notion? This combination can help to sync Body and Mind together.

There are different categories of books a person can opt for, according to an individual’s taste and mindset, but the target should be to gain Knowledge and Strengthen the roots of knowledge in Mind. For instance, let us discuss the renowned Tech Gaint Elon Musk, he had been reading books since his childhood which helped him to master a variety of skills just by reading books & the way he is Ruling the Tech-World reflects the Strong foundation of Wisdom and Knowledge laid by the Books, and before growing up to Tesla he used to spend 10 hours in reading. From his Life Journey, one can identify his adoration for books in one line “I Love Books”.

The Influence a Book can have on one’s life is Precious and Strengthening. Let’s discuss some more examples of books Love from such more successful personalities of the World. They are the busiest but still, they steal time to read books, because reading is the fuel for their Mind and Wealth for their Life.

Indian PM Narendra Modi: The Best Orator of Indian Politics, who is the master of ruling hearts by Words, our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also accepts the Power of reading, he once quoted, “Books are treasure troves of knowledge. They give you the strength to face life”.

Warren Buffet: The habit of reading powered him to make the right decisions in the Financial World. He reads “500 pages” in a routine, which acts as the inspiration for the day. He also quoted, “That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.”

Jeff Bezos: Amazon launched as an Online Book Company, as the founder Jeff Bezos is a passionate reader. Jeff Bezos still enjoys reading for pleasure and Business.

Bill Gates: Bill gates is an Avid Reader, who believes that “books are the best way to explore new topics that interest you”. This Tech Giant spends hours exploring the pages of the books, and he carries a book everywhere. He reads 50 books a year.

Malala Yousafzai: The Known female warrior of the 21st Century, who came forward and raised their voice in the favor of the girls’ rights, she is a voracious reader and dedicates the credit of her strong foundational beliefs to the power of books.

Hey, guys, it’s Never too late to start with, tough whatever you are doing, or wherever you are standing and at any stage of your life, you can start reading in fact you have already taken a step ahead by reading this Article and that is worth praising isn’t? Again here comes the importance of willpower and determination. Your determination to fulfill this will of reading books can be termed as Willpower.

Books are the Best friends, Trust me, they would accompany you without any expectations or hopes rather would just serve with the best thoughts, ideas and soon you will be ignited with the power of creative thinking, good reasoning, and analytical skills and would be on your way to discover the hidden potentials within you. In this changing Era, one can use the sites like eBay for getting your favorable books Online.

One can start, with just mere simple steps but that can bear fruitful results if done with dedication, determination, and willpower.

The Simple five Steps are:

  1. Start with a small pocket Book
  2. Set a Daily Target (Number of Pages or Time limit)
  3. Read with a Set Timer
  4. Maintain Consistency and Alternatives
  5. Develop the Habit of reading before going to Bed and after Waking Up in the Morning.

How to Cure an Upset Stomach Instantly?

Remember how you felt like boulders had filled your stomach an hour after bingeing on that delicious platter of spicy food? Or the time you believed your gut health was abysmal and your stomach appeared to be much larger than usual? People of all ages suffer from an upset stomach on a regular basis

As a result of the body’s uneven hydration levels, fluid retention can induce bloating. Women who menstruate frequently feel bloated, starting the day before their cycle begins and continuing throughout their period. Lactose intolerant people frequently experience bloating. When you’re bloated, restless, have mood swings, or can’t get a decent night’s sleep, you may have minor to severe discomfort. This can be inconvenient, but if you’re willing to experiment with some healthy home cures, you can debloat quickly. In such situations, home remedies are the safest and most dependable care you can provide yourself.

· Take a Stroll

The blood circulation across your stomach and intestines is improved by walking. You can see the effect of walking for thirty minutes on your tummy for yourself. To avoid cramping, wear good shoes, which you can find on sites like eBay.

· Increase the Amount of Fiber in Your Diet

Reduce your salt consumption to avoid bloating caused by water retention. Also, stay away from processed foods. Processed foods may be convenient, but don’t let them poison your stomach for the sake of convenience. Fiber-rich foods should be consumed. Salty and spicy meals aggravate the condition; instead, eat foods like nuts and seeds, wholegrain cereals, apples, berries, and oranges.

· Cumin Seeds Save the Day

For an upset stomach, cumin seeds, also known as jeera, are a lifesaver component that you can find right in your kitchen. Simply put one or two heaps of cumin seed extract in a glass of boiling water and wait for the water to absorb the cumin seed extract, as evidenced by the color change in the water. Allow it to cool before drinking it all. You don’t need to strain the cumin seeds if you want to get the most out of them.

· A Little Bit of Ginger and Lemon Goes a Long Way

Ginger and lemon are both high in antioxidants, and when combined, they provide a powerful cleansing. Squeeze half a lemon’s juice into a glass of water, then add ginger sap and then the whole ginger root to get all of the therapeutic benefits of the duo. You must not consume it all at once. Take a place that is comfortable for you, relax, and begin sipping slowly.

· Yoga

Yoga, with its numerous health benefits, has the ability to cure a bloated stomach as well. Sitting on your ankles is the greatest and easiest one to attempt. This promotes blood circulation and relieves stomach discomfort.

With all the endless remedies and cures for anything and everything from the olden times, the ones recommended here are the easiest home remedies for bloating that you may get aid for whenever you need it, given our busy schedules.

Why Is Effective Communication the Most Important Skill in Leadership?

Being a leader is not just taking responsibility for yourself, but also for others who follow you. It entails providing your staff with the information and tools they require to do their duties effectively and provide your clients with the great experience they deserve.

All of this necessitates contact with your co-workers and staff. Companies are increasingly prioritizing leadership communication skills; in fact, over the previous four years, the average proportion of expenditures for managerial communication training has doubled.

As a result, excellent communication is possibly the most crucial leadership talent you can develop. The bigger the benefits to you and your business, the more effectively you can connect with people (and sustain those relationships).

What does it mean to communicate effectively in the workplace?

People communicate well in business when they:

  • Pay attention to what you’re saying.
  • Take it in the way it was meant to be taken.
  • Are persuaded by your reasoning
  • Are able to identify the aspects that matter to them
  • Leave with a specific action item or useful knowledge.

Clear, succinct, professional, credible, and engaging communication are all characteristics of effective communication. It effectively conveys your point without overburdening your audience with excessive jargon.

Why is it so critical for leaders to communicate effectively?

  • It is critical to communicate plainly and directly. Don’t give your staff instructions in jargon or fancy words. Make a name for yourself as a real leader by telling them the truth, even if it’s unpleasant.
  • It helps you save time. Even if you simply have to spend a few minutes expanding on (or, worse, correcting) a point, the time adds up rapidly. You’ll be able to spend those minutes on more useful tasks if you communicate successfully the first time.
  • Employees may be motivated and inspired by sending the correct message. One powerful speech has the capacity to inspire individuals, create positive change, and drive creativity and innovation in your organization.
  • Leading entails making sure your people understand what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and why it’s important. This promotes the culture of your firm and avoids costly misunderstandings. Give your teams the tools they need to succeed in their work, both individually and collectively.
  • Employee engagement is influenced by empathic communication. Employees who feel appreciated and empowered to accomplish their tasks successfully have a stronger emotional connection to your firm and are more committed to it.
  • Employee trust is improved through demonstrating openness. A culture of tolerance and unity is fostered by open, honest communication. This increases your workers’ brand loyalty and readiness to advocate for it.

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Three Fictional Book Recommendations for your TBR

A good storybook possesses the mystical ability to carry its readers to fascinating worlds, treating oneself in its bewildering imagination and beautiful literature. Reading fiction is inexplicably joyful and pleasingly compulsive. If you are a reader, you certainly know what I am talking about. If you have not felt like one, believe me, you have adventures to quest upon, emotional roller coasters rides, and dazzling escapades ahead of you waiting 🙂

Here are three book recommendations for you to read if you haven’t read them already. Three, because I cannot find myself writing about the hundreds, I might replace the World Wide Web, gee!

So the three books I suggest you put down on your TBR right away are not the top three or my top three, but they are three real works of art. I occurred to pick out from three marginally different genres so you can spot your thing.

  1. ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy

This is a book that will beautifully break your heart, warn you. The story revolves for generations around a family in Ayemenem, Kerala. The dizygotic twins whose lives and childhood are gravely affected from the happenings of a single day, the tension between strained family relationships, unrequited love, of grief and of loss, the children’s innocence will move you. Though dark every so often, this book will stay in your heart forever. The characters in the story are of quite intense personalities. I wouldn’t dare to spoil it for you, this is a story you must read.

2. ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn

If you are up for a thriller, this page-turner will keep you hooked. You just can’t guess what’s coming and you often get hit with mind-blowing twists. Amy Dunne, the story’s protagonist is a character whose actions you cannot bring yourself into comprehension until the last few chapters. The book has characters webbed in a crime (or conspiracy?) which shifts storylines from different points of view. Just when you are convinced of a character’s credibility, you start believing one version of the testimony, only to get the rug pulled off your feet. The ending left me bewildered. Wild and raw, this is a book you will loudly appreciate for its brilliance and of course, astonishing writing. Yes, it is the book that inspired the major motion picture, ‘Gone Girl’.

3. ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott

This is a fictional classic and has been one of the greatest works of English literature. ‘Little Women’ is a story of the four March sisters who hail from a poor but happy family. With their dad gone off to the war, the four sisters live with their mom. Louisa May Alcott, with her elegant style in writing and articulate imagination, paints the pictures of the four sisters that you can effortlessly relate to. As you read of their coming of age and their dreams that diverge uniquely from each other you find discovering pieces of yourself. Beautifully told, ‘Little Women’ is an awesome nineteenth-century period piece.

Indulge yourselves in these amazing works of  to embark upon beautiful journeys. Get these reads from cheaper Shopify alternatives!

Pencils And Pens You Must Have for Drawing

As you grow as an artist, you start to understand the importance of different tools and techniques used in painting and drawing. So, as you begin to understand the requirements of your art, you can start exploring different types of materials. Most of the substances and pieces of equipment are easy to use and are affordable and you can learn and produce a lot with them before switching them to other tools. Avoid unnecessary expenses at the beginning and try the better-pigmented tools and materials when you think you are ready to switch to a higher level. Start with any medium that is comfortable and then gradually blend it into fresh approaches when you desire to broaden your perspective and art. Here are some pencils and pens that every artist must try!

Graphite Pencils

Graphite is mixed with clay and baked to form graphite pencils. What most people commonly know as lead pencils are generally graphite pencils. They have graded them from hard to soft, such that 9H is the hardest of all and 6B is the softest of all. Each pencil is made to form a tone of constant darkness and pressurizing it further won’t darken the shade. Hence, it is better to choose your tone before picking up any pencil. The H pencils are good at creating clear-cut lines, but for soft and deep tonal artworks, I’d suggest using a B pencil. Hard pencils have lighter tones and soft pencils give you darker tones. There are HB pencils as well, which are counted in the middle range. One should start off drawing with H pencils and then switch to HB or B pencils for a set of deeper tones.

Pastel Pencils

Pastel pencils are formed from pastels secured inside a wooden barrel from which one strip is taken and carved into one pencil. They are gentle and should not be dropped as it might lead to the breaking of the soft pigmented pencils. However, they are stronger than the soft pastels and appear more like colored pencils. They aren’t waxy and can be blended easily. Hence, they are good for creating art that includes shading and detailed line work. They go well with colored papers, but to prevent the art from getting spoiled, one needs to spray fixatives, as pastels are not permanent.

Dip Pens

Dip pens are pen holders with interchangeable nibs that are flexible and made of metal and ceramic. Ceramic nibs only fit into ceramic barrels, so buy accordingly. While pointed nibs work well for drawing figures, you can experiment with rounded, chiseled, and square nibs to achieve more creative and fascinating results. Traditionally, we also had feather quills and bamboo pens. Feather quills are great for creating expressive lines, while bamboo pens are effective for textural work.

These were some of the pencils and pens used for drawing. We also have crayons, pencil colors, crepe sticks, charcoal sticks, ink pens, and other art supplies. To buy the essential drawing stuff online visit sites like eBay.